Our specialty jobs,  Exporting back 80's 90's show cars and rare finds from Japan to USA

1960 Impala


<<Exported back and Sold to a new owner in CA >>




1963 Impala Convertible 

283ci PG, Full Wrap 3pump.


<This car has been sold locally in Japan>  


80's and 90's build classic show cars can be found in Japan. Many of them are exported, sold out side Japan. 

1987 Chevrolet Montecarlo LS  

350 V8 AT. PW. AC. PB. PS.

PM. Low Mileage 28,000miles. Viper Remote.

California title. 

<This car was exported and sold to a new owner in CA.>


 Candy Rude Co.

Kamakura Japan.








Restoration service. 

Sales, export and import for  

 JDM, Vintage sports and Classic cars.