Candy Rude Co.,Ltd 

The name Candy Rude means to handle commodities from any conditions.

"from an Eye-Candy to Rude Scar/Patina".


Restoration Project Management.

In condition from the restored Show cars "Eye-Candies" to a burn finds base cars "the Rude-Scars/Patina". 

Buy Sell:Vintage sports car, Classic cars.

Handling all kinds of Import Export procedures.


Operating Office in Kamakura Japan.

 Wanted ! 

Now seeking Porsche 911 models in 1971 to 1974. 

For buyers interested in Narrow Porsche, Japan dealer Mitsuwa models are available for sale. 

More details will be added shortly.  

As Known as First Seller of NISSAN Skyline


sold at 

RM Sotherby's Auction

in Monterey, California on Aug 2015


Candy Rude Co.,LTD