Our specialty jobs,  Exporting back some cars from Japan to USA

1960 Impala


2 door hardtop

White with Red original interior,

2 pumps 4 batteries 

V8 283ci AT 350 3 speed

Power disc brake power steering

Dayton 13×7 NOS.Premium sport way 520

Original fox craft Cruiser skirts

Option Over-riders. 

<<This car has been sent back to USA to a new owner, Thank you >>


Returning cars back to USA from Japan is

often seen after 2010. As USA market price raised higher than in Japan. Many cars imported in 90' have returned to USA.


We operate to send cars from Japan to worldwide locations.


1963 Impala Convertible 


Green Blue Metallic with matching color interior,

Green German Top.

3 pumps batteries, Full wrap frame.

V8 283ci AT PG 2 speed

Power disc brake power steering

LA Wire Wheel 13×7 

Original AC outlet.

Option Over-riders. 

<This car has been sold locally in Japan>  


Many convertibles were shipped to Japan and

some 80's and 90's build classic show cars can be found.



1987 Chevrolet Montecarlo LS coupe


White with Blue Vynal Top. Dark blue interior.

350 V8 AT. PW. AC. PB. PowerSeat.

Power Antenna. Remote Mirrors. New Exhaust.

Low Mileage 28,000miles. Viper Remote.

California title. 

<This car has been sent to a new owner in USA>


Some cars with CA titles may be difficult to pass smog

test, as many of 80's cars are modified in other countries. This one returned from Japan and had to 

find some NOS parts to pass smog on CA regulations.  




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