New For Sale information.

Great news for project base seekers!!!

we are getting some base cars for our next projects. 

Consult us for your needs and we will support your wish come true. 

All projects can be made to a ground up restoration projects or simple driver or display rollers...or exported with parts... and more.

1977 US Nissan Fairlady Z 280.  

HLS30 280Z. L-motor 2.8 Liter. Manual shift. 2 Seater.   

Left side driver handle. Engine rebuild. running.

body and interior is base condition. No major damage.

1971 Toyota Crown, 2 door Hard Top. 

MS51- Late model, M-motor 2.0 liter. 

Right side driver seat and handle.

Engine, body and interior is base condition.  

1963 Ford Econoline, 5window, 2 door pick up.  

350 V8, AT. Narrow rear end. Race tank. 

Engine, AT, body, interior and base condition.

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