NISSAN Skyline GT-R   KPGC110 ( project #1)

This is a rare KPGC110 1973 Nissan Skyline GT-R.

Pictures were shot at turn table studio owned operated by photographer Mr. Isao Yatsui who is famous for taking numerous number of Show cars and cover car shots for Nostalgic Hero published in Japan.  

These pictures were taken to use on entering RM Auction by Southeby's in Monterey August 2015.

This car is sold at above auction to a new owner in USA.

NISSAN Skyline GT-R   KPGC110 ( project #2)

For Sale information ( project #2)

2 projects Kenmeri GT-R rolled in to our facility in 2014.

Project #1 in above pictures was ready to roll after drive train repair.  Than, as for project #2, it was time to start a full disassembly for a serious ground up restoration.  

2019 Nostalgic 2 days ! 

in Pacifico Yokohama.

Our 2nd project

Kenmeri: Skyline GT-R Silver 

KPGC110 made First appearance after S20 2.6 liter build done. 

2016 JCCA New Year Meeting ! 

in Odaiba Tokyo.  Our 2nd project

Kenmeri: Skyline GT-R Silver 

KPGC110 made First appearance after stage 1 restoration done. 

Scenes from restoration progress of Skyline GTR

Rolled in with scars, rust and missing parts. 

Complete check up to judge restoration procedures. 

Body restoration

Paints chemically removed first.

Bare metal is quickly covered in red Esco, for an anti rust and base treatment to achieve high quality paint finish.

New Silver paint. Very hard to match color as material used in paints are no longer same as those days in 70'.

All new chromes and powder coats are re-done.

New reconditioned parts are assembled to body.    

More assembly pictures on Instagram too.


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