GT-R   KPGC110

フルレストア 車輛販売~SOLD

Candy Rude sold first and last one at

RM Auction, in Monterey August 2015.

Pictures by Isao Yatsui of Nostalgic Hero Magazine.  


Candy Rude restored 2nd 

KPGC110  with 2.6 S20.

Displayed at Nos 2days Show 2018. 

Flash back, 2016 JCCA New Year Meeting in Odaiba Tokyo.

2nd Kenmeri GT-R

with new silver paint

after body restoration.

2nd Kenmeri GTR, "Before" restoration.

Process scenes of restoration.

 Candy Rude Co.

Kamakura Japan.







Restoration service. 

Sales, export and import for  

 JDM, Vintage sports and Classic cars.